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Donating a dollar will give you access to the official Dekubot server and a Patreon only role. Additionally you will get the supporter role which will show in our server how much you're helping us every penny counts and will be accepted, thank you. (more things to come for the future as well)
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Donating 10 whole dollars will give you the ability to have the Endeavor role in our server in which you can in bright red have the fire within you shine out even more and will help us a lot~.
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All For One
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Donating 25 whole dollars will give you the "All For One'' role on our server, which will be able to help you stand out from other villains  out there, you can be one of or the most wanted villain.
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About R3Y#6655

I'm just a guy who with my friends and trying to bring the best experience to those who use the DekuBot, by bringing many commands and having a personal server for it, for people to enjoy and try out, and any kind of support will help on further developing the bot, thank you.
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This first $100 dollars will help me see that more people want to see this bot continue and get bigger and bigger which I will do, making more and more progress as we grow together!.
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