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About Delay In Block Productions

At Delay In Block Productions, we strive to produce quality railroad media. Not only that, but railroad media that excites you. From news on the latest steam excursions to the most in-depth railroad documentaries, we've got something in store for you. Your support helps keep us going in this digital age and we promise, you won't be disappointed.
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Due to changes in the YouTube Partnership Program and the frequent usage of AdBlock, our AdSense revenue has dramatically decreased over the last year and a half. Because of the increasing loss in revenue, it has become difficult to offer free content of such high production value on YouTube. However, in the digital age, railfans are not willing to spend $30 on the latest DVD release from their favorite production companies. However, we have discovered that our most loyal subscribers are willing to support us by making small, monthly contributions through Patreon. These contributions allow us to compensate for such great loses in revenue that is caused by YouTube's change in site algorithms and the frequent usage of AdBlock by our viewers. We appreciate your support and pledge to continue producing the highest quality railroad media on the internet!


Drayton Blackgrove
Owner, Delay In Block Productions
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