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About Dell2

Hi, my name's Dell, like the computer: My memory's terrible and i can't run very fast.

I'm not going to ask much from random people. In fact I'm not sure what I'm doing here asking for this kind of thing in the first place. . . . But times are getting tough for my house and more and more of my hobbies have to be cut short due to lack of funding. I can't afford some of the materials to finish certain projects and they go undone. All the unfinished projects serve to do is gather more dust and take up much-needed space in my home.

I'm not part of something big like an art studio or a youtuber that seems to have their life together. I just like making new things whenever I can on the budget i've got. It's what i do. It's what i've been doing for years, but having to stretch from paycheck to paycheck on a part-time job is getting increasingly difficult.

I aspire to be a "jack-of-most-trades" when it comes to creating art in general. I love finding new ways to make things I want. I can draw decently, I hand-sew, I play piano by ear (so most of my pieces are inaccurate), and I can sculpt and paint objects. But my most recent hobby (in the past 10 years) has been cosplaying. I love altering clothing, taking old materials to make something new and using my current talents to further the costume's design. 

Also making giant cosplay weapons feels awesome.

Any and all of the funding attained by this website will go directly to materials for finishing projects or products i'm selling. (Unless dire circumstances happen where I need food money etc.)

One more thing, thanks for reading this. c:
$0 of $25 per creations/finished projects
Just for some extra supplies so I can build more things.
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