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The Loyal Delver
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You've traveled far, delving deep into the interwebs to join us here. The Loyal Delver gains much respect from the Delvers Conclave, and we thank you for your patronage! Your bounty and reward is to hear everything first on Patreon before all other forms of social media as well as an invitation to our Delvers Conclave Discord Server where you can talk directly with the Delvers Conclave team and other patrons! 
The Noble Delver
per month
Rising above the norm, you've gained a name for yourself. As The Noble Delver that you are, you've leveled up and by doing so you get everything in Loyal Delver as well as the following Forge Features... 

For Campaign Control: 

-Grab Bag

A tool that holds a plethora or epic gaming gear for your players

-Crit Table

Embellish those critical hits, or critical fails, with a table of events! 

-GM Shop

A way to distribute gear digitally to your players.  Shop items are viewable on their character sheets identified or unidentified.    

For Character Sheet: 

-Auto Calculating Fields

If you like sheets that do the calculations for you, toggle it on! If you like the old school method to do it yourself, or have custom house rules turn, it off.   

-Printable Character Sheets

We will be providing official character sheets for games we support, as well as custom sheets that we design in house. 

Includes Discord benefits
The Heroic Delver
per month
The renown of your battles has spread throughout the lands. Growing stronger you seek out a powerful foe. The Heroic Delver will get everything from Loyal and Noble and will have access to a Community space to host a private forum for your campaign. Giving you the ability to upload and share useful information about your game. 
Includes Discord benefits




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Welcome D&D Enthusiasts!

This web portal is home to a group of Dungeons & Dragons players who have been playing the game for years! It all starts somewhere...for some of us it was when we were young, joining a game of veteran players or others during college. No matter how, when or why, this game offers a stable ground for endless amounts of creation and fun! Dungeons & Dragons ladies and gentlemen, is one of the best tabletop games in history. No matter the edition or mechanics of the game, it's what you and your group does within and outside those guidelines that make it memorable!

With all the experience points earned through the years, collectively, our group is excited to let you in on our new adventures.

Rolling high into the new year, hopefully landing a critical success with our new software called "Delvers Forge", a tabletop toolkit for players and game masters. Following the launch of our app, we plan to release a podcast of us playing Dungeons & Dragons. 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting and fun year!

Before anything else is said, we as a group want to thank you for the curiosity and interest for visiting our site. If you use our software, listen to our podcast or follow us on any social platform, we'd like to thank you and reiterate that why we do what we do is for the love of the game.

If you chose to donate, please know that what you are putting that towards is us continuing to support our site, forum, software, server place and much more. We don't plan to stop running anything but few bucks goes a long way. As a group and a brand, we hope to provide a regular source of entertainment, a constantly monitored and supported application for end users running a game session and hopefully down the road offer tangible material to use in your own play setting as well. Every coin earned goes right back towards the flow of the game!

Thank you Patrons, fans and supporters!!!
$27 of $100 per month
Quest #1 - Smooth Sailing 

Our first goal is to put any and all loot towards the support of our site, forum, software, server space. It takes a lot more than a few copper pieces every month to keep this ship sailing and with your help we'd be smooth sailing on to our next quest!
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