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Anyone who pledges a buck or two will get a very enthusiastic high five across the internet from me.  Rest assured that when I see the notification of your pledge, I will stare deep into my monitor and air high-five towards it.
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This is the base level subscription here on Patreon. Once enough patrons reach this tier, I'll grant access to a Sub Discord server with its own Patron only channel where we can discuss things from here specifically. In addition, Patrons of this tier or higher will have access to posts about upcoming Youtube releases here on my Patreon.
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About DemonBlaze23

Hello, everybody! I'm DemonBlaze23 and I've been making gaming videos for Youtube for a bit now. Due to some changes a few years ago and my channel having below 10k views, I lost access to advertisements on my videos, and thus, have no way to reliably support my hobby through Youtube. Not that I ever made anything to begin with.
But recently, my laptop that I use for EVERYTHING has started dying. I'm talking critical hard drive failures, extremely long start-up times (was <1 minute start-up, now sometimes >10 minutes), and a dying battery and/or charging port that makes it not charge while on.
I've managed to save my important files on an external drive, but I need to be able to render videos and the hand-me-up I'm using now can't buffer Youtube at 360p.
So, I'm trying to raise enough to build my own computer. I've got a parts list already for what I want out of it, and the total is cheaper than what I paid for the dying laptop back in 2013.
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At $50 per month, I will release an additional video every first Wednesday after this goal is met. The video will be at the usual time of 12pm EST.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
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