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is creating A bleak book with pictures
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About Zak Smith

Hey, it's Zak--as most of you probably know my day job is mostly being a painter, though occasionally I write. When I work on a painting, I always know I'll sell it sooner or later--with a book, I've got to wait for a publisher to meet me halfway. Since I'd rather get started now while the ideas are still fresh and not wait around for the publishers to clear the projects already on their plates to publish it, I'm using Patreon to fund the creation of my next book. Basically: the more the Patreon makes, the more time I spend on pages instead of full-size paintings.
If you enjoyed any of my previous books and want to see what I can do with no rules at all, show your support.
This page isn't going to have a video and I'm not going to spend much time hyping it--my job isn't to sell the book, it's to make it--exactly as fast as you want me to. So please vote with your wallet and--if you're so inclined--share it and ask your friends to as well.
Questions? Go here or just email me at zakzsmith AT hawtmayle dawt calm
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