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About Demonkillua

Hello, Demonkillua here! I'd like to thank you for stopping by my Patreon page. This is a fun little website that I'm using to help build funds to create cool things. My ultimate goal is to be able to create 3D animations with great visuals and believable movements.


To be able to do that I am going to need your help. By kindly donating a few dollars here and there, I will be able to create images in full 3D, which will eventually carry over to animation. This goal will have many steps to achieve which I will outline later below, but first I will start off with a quick questionnaire.

Who are you?
My real name is Edward Greczkowski, and I used to be a avid gamer and I am a big fan of Anime. Having these two influences on me, growing up, I've always thought, "Wow, it would be cool to create something of my own". That's what eventually brought me here. At first I was thinking about trying my hand at making a game, but the work needed for a solo project was not something I could really achieve as single parent, so next I set my eyes on animation. Maybe once I have everything down with animation, we can see some steps in the creation of a game.

Why create 3D animation?
I wanted to be able to create something that is cool and might be fun for other people to watch. I started on trying to learn 2D animation, but as I as i did my research on how to do it I came across something that seemed more my motif, 3D animation. That's how I ended up here trying to learn 3D graphics imaging.

Why do you need our help?
Well, there are many reasons actually. I am a full time single parent and already work a full time job, which leaves me unable to devote as much time as I would like or save enough to fund this. A lot of the materials and applications are not free. The tech I currently am using isn't so great and will need upgrades, so I am turning to you guys for help. Even a dollar will be awesome!

What are you using to create 3D animations?
At current, I am only at the point of creating 3D items. These items can later be used for animating and creating. Currently the programs I am using are Blender, for creating 3D models, and GIMP for setting up reference images. I'm using for models and for, well, textures. Then I am using YouTube for a lot of tutorial videos and guides. Once I've created enough 3D content, I'm going to try and get into Adobe After Effects for the animation.

So, enough of the questions, I know real celebrity here, but it's time to tell you my goals. I have a few goals or steps that I need to reach in order to accomplish the final goal of 3D animation. A few which were mentioned within the questionnaire. Going in order and with bullet points;
  • Leaning Blender
  • Creating 3D content with Blender
  • Building a new PC for animation and rendering purposes
  • Using self created 3D content to create scenes or locations.
  • Leaning Adobe After Effects
  • Animating a self made 3D character model
  • Creating a animated short

These are the current goals I have set for myself. If you are interested in supporting me on this journey, please subscribe!
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Once this goal is reached I should have been able to build a new PC for 3D creations. I will upload a video of it being built for all Patreons to see, once finished.
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