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In March of 2019, at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with bipolar 1. The episode that led to this diagnosis was one of the worst of life. From November 2018 through March, I was in a mixed affected state psychosis. The simplest tasks went from difficult to impossible until I could no longer leave my bedroom. However, I became convinced that if I made to one “right” painting, I would become successful. I could no longer hold any kind of employment and I could not pay my rent. My mind shouted cruel and hateful noise at me at all times and I wanted desperately to leave the world, but as a father to a gentle, kind 3 year old daughter, I knew that suicide could no longer be an option. 
In this mixed state, my artwork became a compulsion that I had no control over. I couldn’t sleep and would not eat until all unfinished work was complete. There was always an unfinished piece. I would draw and paint for days without rest and my only connection to the world was when I posted finished art on Instagram. By the end, I could barely open a can of soda but I had produced a large pile of work in just a few months. 
Today, I am recovering and learning how to manage a mental illness that stole so much of my life. I am working on becoming the parent my daughter deserves and I am a sober alcoholic since November 15th of 2017. 
I am currently working on a project to compile all of my work from December 1st until April 1st into a book. It will serve as an illustrated memoir of the madness of manic depression. It will contain about 100 finished paintings (India and acrylic ink on paper), sketches and notes from a psychotic mind, and a written narrative of the experience. I hope that this work will help to create more understanding of this illness, as it effected myself and my loved ones. 
I am not yet employed and do not know when that will be possible again, so every dollar helps. 
Thank you 
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