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My name is Denese Young-Williams. And I live in the Caribbean. Trinidad West Indies to be exact. I write fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and children literature.
 My resolution for 2018, is finding Adonai, the God of Abraham, Issacs and Jacob. The God of the Bible. I need more. I want to seek his face, on my face, like David did. But I need time. Some may say that we have all found God. We were all baptized into his name. I believe there is more than that. I got a glimpse of it. Its there, attainable. I want all of it. I need the power the wisdom and the understanding, to help the people of God, those that God brings into our path.
There are many in communities that need to understand God, understand the kingdom of heaven and what it represents on the earth today. In our recent ventures, we have met many Christians that have never received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that beautiful presence of God that was poured out on the earth. 
Sadly, after many years of trying to gain support from various organizations, without success, I have decided to use what God has given me, to help those that he has given to the ministry.

I am here at PATREON, to give what I have to get what I need to help God’s people.
I will be releasing a page of my written projects every week, along with my thoughts on various topics such as marriage, careers, family living etc. feel free to ask questions, leave comments, open discussions of interests, request pray and give support for charities and other ventures.

I have learned somewhere in my business class that time equals money.
I am in no way trying to sell the Gospel, it's not mine to sell; that would be fraud.
And as the gospel is beyond any price we can recieve; that will be robbery.
If you are willing to support, our organization on PATREON, you can start from as little as $1USD per month.
We will pray for you and your family, send you monthly updates and photos of our progress and of course you will have access to the draft release of my latest book. FINDING ADONAI
Feel free to join me, I humbly await your partnership.

We are presently in the process of helping a family of six to obtain electricity in the Carlsen Field Community. The cost is $15,000.TTD. To date, we have reached the sum of $3,000.00 via our first venture of our bar be que/ fundraiser. If you are willing to contribute to this fund or know anyone that may be interested please contact us here.
Email address: [email protected]

Thanks again for your support. God bless you.

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to help the needy through timely contributions of financial support, food and clothing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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