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Thank you for taking a moment to read this. The following paragraphs will attempt to convey everything that has been learned in the past number of years, and the resulting intention that has come from that understanding, as a plan for sustaining artists and the environment, with the intention to benefit all life on Earth.

The time has finally come to dedicate all of my energy to Art of One. The goal is to help the environment with the beauty of art.

After working at University of Colorado as a mechanical engineer for the past 6 years, the student loans are paid off, and enough has been saved to purchase a humble house on wheels. Expenses are low, and it is now realistic to set out on the path of creating a non-profit.

What is Art of One? It means a few things. First of all, it is a non-personal artist name. There's nothing wrong with personal identity as an artist; as a matter of fact it is very practical to have a name and an identity, to be known, so that one can grow in their reputation. This has always been a useful thing for artists. At the same time, it is true that the entire universe is one being, that our sense of existing as separate individuals only exists in our own minds. In a way, Art of One is about the giving up of personal identity to represent a life that is greater, by giving credit to the universe for all of the acts of creation that flow through us individually. By joining together to live and give life with our art, we are no different than the one artist whose creativity breathes live into every corner of the universe.

Understanding that we are all connected can be a powerful way of coming to deserve, and therefor actualize, our desires. In the past years, I have met (no exaggeration) thousands of people that would like to find a way to make a living from their art. It is a very small percentage that succeed. The non-profit Art of One aims to be a solution. The strategy is to pay artists royalties for their work, by giving them an opportunity to contribute to a greater cause.

Art isn't a necessity. Perhaps this is the reason so many struggle to make a living at it. Art of One aims to foster art in our society by escalating it from a privilege to something that is addressing a necessity, increasing its value. 

These days, the Earth is very burdened by human activity. We are presently entering the sixth mass extinction event on Earth. There is enough plastic waste out there to cover entire nations a foot deep. This material is breaking down into microplastics that are nearly impossible to remove from the environment and getting absorbed by and harming life everywhere. The carbon content of the atmosphere is increasing exponentially and many of the most intelligent minds on Earth are reporting and predicting environmental crises across the globe.

This the reality of the present state of Earth, and it isn't completely negative. There are many who appreciate having this awareness so that they may have the knowledge and ability to respond and help the situation. There are many who check out at the grocery store with reusable bags, who don't take straws unnecessarily, who bring their own utensils and containers around to reduce single use plastic waste. There are business that plant trees, and pay to offset their carbon footprints. There are researchers working on developing biodegradable materials that could replace plastics. There are countless ways to take less and give more when it comes to the environment. Now that humanity is aware, it's time to catch up, do the work, and clean up our home.

Artists that are featured on the Art of One website will have sublimated clothing offerings, made from recycled polyester. As a matter of fact, a few companies have been abandoned in order to avoid newly-made polyester (which would add plastic to the waste-stream), before partnering with Vision Lab. The plastic that is pulled from the ocean is re-purposed to make high-quality, wearable art, keeping the already-existing plastic in use and out of the environment. The money that is earned from sales will be donated to proven environmental organizations that are making a real difference, such as recycling centers,, tree-planting, etc. 

In the past few years, I have been able to donate about $10,000 to charities and the environment, doing this on the side while working full time. Let's find out how much can be done when I'm at it full time. Let's find out how much we can do when artists are getting compensated for contributing.

Since this is a non-profit, I will be very limited in what I can take to sustain myself. By signing up here on Patreon, contributors will be helping me cover my most basic expenses (food, gas, phone) so that I can focus all of my effort in growing Art of One. 

Thanks for reading. Thanks for considering. Thanks for doing your part to support artists and help the environment, wherever that may be.

Blessings to all life!

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