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About Designs By IFR

Who are we?
We are an Australian based PC modding and water cooling enthusiast channel. We aim to create unique PC build designs and quality video content for our audience. We strive to not only entertain but also inspire and teach our audience the art of PC modding.

Why support us?
Designs By IFR is our hobby and one day we would love to make it our full time job.
As you know PC parts and modding equipment is extremely expensive, so all your donations go straight back into bringing out new unique content and builds. All our PC hardware and gear is reused over and over so we can stay consistent with our content. We can not afford to do it any other way. So we greatly appreciate you considering becoming a patron and supporting our hobby. Thanks guys!

I want to create a welcoming community and share the art of PCs!

Thank you very much for your time.
20% complete
With your help hitting this goal helps to make our dream of PC Modding full time more achievable.

Thank you as always
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