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About Destituent Love

Thank you for finding us on Patreon. If you are here, it's hopefully because you've seen or heard some part of our web project at and believe in us and what we are doing. 

Destituent Love is an educational undertaking through which we hope to begin to answer our callings and some big questions:

Capitalism is dying. How do Christians and people who care about the future create something new?

How do we embrace the radical truth of love in a world in which Caesar claims to have commodified everything? 

How do we live in that uncomfortable, liminal space called magic, without letting religion or law take over?

How do we reimagine work not entangled with slavery?

What does it mean to live out discipleship on the fringes and from the bottom up?

Help us find out.
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Drake and Ged can have a little more financial certainty and afford to invest in cool tools to do new things. 
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