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Many recent activities, have lead me to question, will reducing the gun supply reduce gun related crime and violence. The plan is to use the donations to fund the legal purchase, of a working and tested firearm,  disassemble it, and destroy to the point that it is no longer functioning, and dispose of it.

I believe that many people complain about the supply, and availability of certain firearms. Yet they are not willing to shed any coin to have them removed from our society. Let them put their money where their mouth is.

As a novice marksmen, I will eat my words, test and destroy with any funds that come my way. I promise not to use any donations from pateron for unrelated expenses.

In addition, I will attempt to monitor impact of this project on gun control, to see if there is a connection of between gun supply and legal purchase of firearms for use in crime.

If you think one less gun in the hands a legal purchaser, means less crime on the street. Put your money here. I will post videos of anything purchase, I will test it for functionality, and I will destroy it for satisfaction. 
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