is creating animation, music, gameplays, art and memes.
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Every penny helps! Even if a dollar isn't too much, for me anything I obtain on the internet is valuable. This will give you access to sneak peeks of videos I'm working on, as well as the "Donator" role on my Discord server!
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The Double Whammy
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So you got two dollars, eh? Thanks! This won't only get you everything in the "Desktop" tier, but also... you'll get secret clips of the videos I'm working on!
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Enough to buy a microphone
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The four-dollar microphone has always been great, and if you purchase this tier, you'll get everything from the other tiers, as well as access to my videos a day before release!
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About Desx

Hello! I'm Desx. I make animations, music, videogames, art and YouTube videos about my life. Every penny collected thanks to this Patreon will be used to upgrade my gear and create better content quality-wise. Thanks for dropping by!
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If I get $10 on this Patreon page, I will start a series where I'll have a chat with a patron and mayhaps make a new friend!
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