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Detroit Arts Portal is a team of dedicated industry professionals striving to make public access programming truly public and accessible. We will show the visceral, beautiful, complicated city of Detroit through the eyes of its artists. We share a collective story and that story needs to be heard. We will tell it.

But we need YOU to make it all possible. By becoming a patron of Detroit Arts Portal, you will help pave the way for artists in the Motor City to be heard and seen. You can give as little as $5 a month (and as much as your generous heart desires!). For your support, you will get a VIP look into the workings of the Portal as well as exclusive invites to special events and an advance look at material that the Portal produces. But most importantly, you will be a supporter of the creative blood that surges through the veins of Detroit. With your help, DAP will become a world-class, cutting edge artistic endeavor made for and by the people of Detroit.
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This milestone will ensure that Detroit Arts Portal is able to employ a part time Portal Administrator. The Portal Admin will not only organize the Patreon Page, but also help in the filming, editing, & production of content the Artists of Detroit create.
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