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You've picked up a quick tour guide map to the stars!

Access to my patron-only Discord: You can meet other supporters of my art, talk with me one-on-one, get to really know me, and join in on voice chats!

Greetings: I love sending cards and will send you one for your birthday if you share it with me!  

Patrons also get notified when new products go live before the general public! So if you're trying to get your hands on one of my leather maps that keep getting sold out, you'll find out before the general public does! 

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  • My Website:
  • Tabletop Loot
  • Cantrip Candles
  • All Rolled Up
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  • and more coming soon!
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The Treasure Hunter
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You're an adventurer seeking treasure and I have just the map for you!

 All the benefits of the previous tiers plus...   

Access to all my colored illustrations!  Scroll through numerous illustrations of weapons, tavern signs, creatures, borders, banners, scrolls and more that you can use on your website, PDFs, and more!

Access to all my colored dungeon & interior maps!  Beautifully illustrated and highly detailed dungeon & interior maps for you to use in your campaigns!  From crypts to manors to pubs to lairs, I'm exploring new areas for you and your players!

Get hi-res images of my Cartography Photography to use as desktop wall paper, phone backgrounds, or to print and frame in your own home! (Not for resale or distribution commercially or otherwise.)

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The Scout
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You've been hired by your party to scout ahead and report back your findings.

All the benefits of the previous tiers plus...


B&W versions of my maps with no labels!  Add your own town names to fit your campaign!

B&W version of floor plans for my dungeon & interior maps!  Like my maps but don't want all the added details or objects?  Perfect! You can download the black and white version of just the basic floor layout!

Tavern signs without labels! Add your own tavern names to my designs.

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About Deven Rue

Deven Rue Cartography

You might have seen my work on Critical Role, The Triangle Table, Nerdolopedia, Godsfall and more.  I make fantasy maps...highly detailed fantasy maps.  I spend the majority of my time creating maps.  I'm sort of obsessed but you'll find that out soon enough if you haven't done so already.  But let's get to the meat of this Patreon thingy, shall we?


I'm not just making maps and you're not just supporting an artist.  You're also helping support and grow the TTRPG community.  Every pledge goes towards helping me continue to create art on a full time basis.  Because my maps are already paid for by patrons, I post the black & white versions of them as FREE downloads available to everyone.  As a thank you, patrons get the colored, textless, and blank versions as well as any variations.  This makes maps more available and more affordable for the community in general.  It's much easier to have 100 people pay $1 to help pay for a map than it is to ask one person to pay the full $100.  It also means that those 100 patrons help hundreds of other people enjoy those maps instead of 1 person getting it only for themselves.  This spreading the cost of art over the community not only means more people get to enjoy it, but it also means that I'm not working for less than minimum at least that's the goal.

Each regional/world I make takes 2-6 weeks depending on the level of detail.

Let that sink in a moment. That means if you were to commission me directly to make a map, you would be paying me 2-6 weeks of a salary. That's a LOT of money!  But then... my maps have a LOT of detail and are time consuming to make.  So instead, we're all helping each other not only get our own worlds commissioned but maps for those who haven't created their own or are inspired to use one I've already made!  We're encouraging more DMs to pick up a game and inspiring them with our worlds. 

But no, I don't mass produce art. You'll see a new piece from me at least once a month *maybe* twice a month if we're lucky but generally it's slow going.  But the great thing is, we're slowly amassing a library of maps that everyone can use.  If you're here expecting to see a ton of maps being made, I'm sad to say you'll be disappointed.


When you pledge to my Patreon, you're getting access to my entire body of work thus far (minus work created under IP copyright such as for Critical Role or WotC)!  Every map available for download for personal use. 

You also get discounts to shops like Tabletop Loot and Cantrip Candles as well as my own website!

Want to make your own maps?

I've got cartography classes available!  Pledge to the right, find the main links below!  Done!  The course covers a wide variety of subjects regarding earth sciences, landscapes, drawing on paper, coloring with Copic markers, resources, digital map creating, and MUCH more! Read articles and watch videos at your leisure or join our ongoing cartography discussion on Discord.


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