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Jess and I are likeminded people bound together through a series of confusing and convenient events. Our lives were a fiasco before we met each other, but together we’re a force unstoppable! We spend everyday talking about how we can improve our work and what to do next. Our joint goal is to create high quality content without the high costs that come with it for you guys, may this be a comic/manga, a game or a book we strive to put our hearts and souls into everything we do so you guys can enjoy it easily online.

Now that that’s behind us, I’d like to talk about our works! Eventually I learned Jess could draw, and she discovered I could write, and we went off on about.. A hundred ideas together. Some were good some were bad, through it all we whether we would be working for a corporate stooge or developing our own works we knew we wanted to be together. Unfortunately I live in America, she in the UK. Such are the tragedies of life. With the power of the internet however we practically do live together and have basically conjoined minds, we have full faith in this project and I can assure you we are committed, this is our future after all.
Devil’s Delight was originally an idea for a comic strip that would be produced through an online company, but as it became apparent that it’d be impossible for myself to be involved in it officially, we decided to publish it ourselves! It’s a story dear to my heart, about a new girl in school, dealing with drama, petty mean girls, meeting new friends, participating in things she’s never tried before..
Oh, and she’s a vampire.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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