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If we receive a $7 per month donation we will post a video to our FaceBook and Twitter pages with one of 3 following options up to your choosing: Austin chugging an RC Cola. Austin eating a bowl of Chili with Fritos instead of Cheeze-Its. Austin wearing a wig singing a verse of a song of your choosing. You will get a new video each month!!
You also can join us for Bad Samaritan on an episode of your choice. 
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If we receive a $12.00 per month donation we will ship you a figure featured on Drew's Silver Age Value Corner, with the figure's card stamped with Drew's seal of approval. You will get a new Value Corner figure each month!!




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Hey guys,
If you found this page then chances are you're an avid listener of our podcast already. Over the years of Heroclix themed entertainment we've turned down sponsorship opportunities here and there. Many of you have suggested via GMail that we should start a Patreon account to help us out, I finally decided to do that. All proceeds here will go towards our podcast hostings costs which are usually $20-25 a month and then will go towards funding rewards. If we somehow go past those numbers in donations from you guys then I'll save up the extra money over time and give it back to you guys in the form of prizes and giveaways. Thanks for you support and friendship over the years. 

For anyone wondering you can find Dial H For Heroclix Podcast on itunes and at dialhforheroclix.podbean.com. Message us on FaceBook, Twitter or [email protected]

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