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is creating a new FPS / RTS / Moba / Tower Defense Hybrid Video Game.




General Information :

The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 by a small 12 man team of dedicated individuals. Behind the scenes we've created a Wiki full of Lore. From this Lore we've constructed a world of characters, weapons, and scenarios. The characters are spread into three species. The Tellurians, Au'Turi, and the Nagual. Unlike popular games such as StarCraft that also have three  species, we've also added in playable classes such as Scout, Healer, Demolitions, Soldier, Tank, and Field-Tech. When you first launch the game you'll be presented with a set of options, You can select FPS, RTS, or Moba(Hybrid) depending on the type of game you wish to play. If you select FPS, you'll be entering into a 20v20 Battle Royale. If you select RTS, you'll be playing a Real Time Strategy game against others. ( Similar to other major RTS games but with the addition of Tower Defense - gameplay is Moba Style). And finally the Hybrid is one Commander (So one player in RTS mode - supporting six Guardians(fps players).

We have the game functioning using Sessions through SteamWorks. Although we haven't gotten the matchmaking system completed as of yet, we do have multiplayer sessions functioning and ready (essentially a server browser with a join/connect option).  When you go to start the game you'll be entering into a party system. You can be in a party of one or two, or three, etc.

An example setup would be your main Party Leader invites a few friends to play. The Leader will choose the game mode. ( In this example we select "Moba" From here based on the ELO of players in the party, the party leader will get a few options such as "Casual","Competitive","Professional", or "League". Players then choose a role, such as either Commander, or Guardian (Field player). There's also rules setup that won't allow the party leader to select "Professional" unless they have a full team of seven players. Or "League" which is a category built for the elite. I won't get into it too much, but you can create a team, view a roster, invite people to your team, track their progress, and play within an open League.

Playable Character Classes:
After your party leader (or yourself if playing solo) have selected their game mode, and role (FPS or RTS) and click "play", matchmaking will do it's thing and pair you up with other solo players where needed and complete your team. From here you will connect to the Lobby. The Lobby is a 3D level that allows you to select which player class you want to play. From here you select your character for that class, as well as setup the microbuffs and spells that suit your play style.

The party leader can select which species you want to play.

1: Tellurians - DieselPunk species - Human in nature, using standard / sci-fi kinetic weapons. - Standard flashlights for use in dark scenes.
2: Au'Turi - A gothic alien species, clean, energy based weapons, fast, and highly evolved. Has advanced alien vision,
3: Nagual - Melee in nature. Biting, Clawing, Scratching, and Flying. They're a swamp creature of sorts. Something nature really enjoyed making. The weapons are crude, yet powerful. This species will be created last due to the technical programming and balance requirements. Their night vision can detect sound waves in the ground.

The more you play the game, the higher your level. Based on your level, buffs will become available. You'll be able to choose items such as "increased HP Regen" as an example. During the Class Selection you can select which buffs you want.

In the Moba roll, each character has their own unique primary, secondary, and melee weapon as well as abilities. Your goal is to kill the minions, other players, and complete basic objectives in return for gold. You can then spend this gold on upgrading your weapons, armor, speed, etc.

The Commander has a different role altogether. The Commander will be dropping structures for you to construct, they'll be upgrading towers, creating supporting units, and researching vehicles as well as other tech. As an example, one of the upgrades the commander can select is "Air Purification" which purifies the air removing the fog around the towers - thus increasing it's range. There's a lot to do in this roll, but it's not designed to stress anyone out. You're objective is to support your Guardians so they can in turn keep you alive and help to achieve victory.

The game has Six ELO systems, You're ranked by ELO as well as Commander. This ensures a new Commander is not paired with six veteran guardians. The Casual mode allows players to play without affecting their ELO (As playtesting progresses, the rules around these modes will change).


Game Features :

Multi-player closed-world map with enough space to explore the sci-fi environment and ambush your enemies. With over 360 unique weapons and a unique class based character system; Project Dusty is built to entertain!


Project Dusty was designed from the ground up incorporating some of the best elements from popular games into one. With all new game mechanics, you'll be excited to get online with your friends and battle it out with other factions.

League Play

Competitive play has never been this good. You can create a party for casual play, or join a team(s) for competitive play. Dedicated servers ensure proper matchmaking, and a comprehensive scoring ELO system tracks your gameplay. Choose from over 120 unique characters seven classes, and three different species. It's a 7v7 species vs species which will challenge the best of the best in FPS and RTS modes.

Rage Mechanic

Ever play a 6v6 Moba and have a team member ragequit - throwing the game for everyone else? Imagine having AI running on your rig, learning how you play, mastering your moves, recording new algorithms based on your play-style. If you are disconnected, your AI will take over and finish the match. Removing predictive behaviour patterns and adding in complex ai algorithms.

Game Lore

100% science fiction, driven by an immersive story involving three different species. These species each contain rival factions complete with six different character classes, and a player controlled Commander (RTS).
As the story progresses, each of the 120 characters comes to life bringing some love, personality, and a full armament. My favorite story takes place on a Mayan planet far far away in the distant future. It's a race for resources. May the best team win!


First Person Shooter (FPS)

You've selected your species, player, and player class. You're paired with seven other teammates. Six on the field and one Commander (RTS). You've got to assist the commander in completing objectives while staying alive against forces of minions and large groups of enemy units. You'll be well equipped with the tools you need to counter foes and help your team achieve Victory!

Character Classes

From Tank to Healer, from pistol railguns to high powered smg's. Each character has their own unique primary, secondary, melee, and special ability. Where one might use a ladder, the other might teleport to reach the same destination. There's no room for mistakes. Only the best of the best survive. Your goal is to prepare for the Final Showdown!

Party and Rank

Create a party, Join a party, Play alone, Create a team, Add members to your roster, View your teams statistical data with full data driven results. Adapt to your losses, Learn from your mistakes. Master the mechanics, Connect with your friends, Confront the enemy, Become Number One!.

Game Modes

Professional competitive play:
Thanks to a multi-level ELO system. Play with people of your own skill level. Learn to command without the pressure of supporting veteran players. Play as a pro and rank up. Take your team to the top!
Casual Battle Royale.
Add up your kills in a large 20v20 arena. Want to try some new tactics without risking your competitive ELO? This is for you! The all out casual no holds barred FPS only Battle Royale. It's big, It's fun, It's fraggin awesome!

Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Your units are on the ground, minions are spawning and resources are flowing. It's your job as Commander to assist your field players with researching technology, dropping structures, and producing units in order to prepare for the final showdown. Commander Vs Commander! Build defensive towers and control them remotely. Create a force to be reckoned with. Dominate your opponents with the help of your team. You will be tested, You will be challenged, but how you plan for the final showdown will take a lot of cunning.
Commander Boss vs Commander Boss. Are you prepared?


Each Species has their own traits. This is an asymmetrical game allowing the use of pre-defined and precariously balanced movement mechanics and special features. Research vehicles, Upgrade towers, Farm your kills, Destroy as much as you can while you can. Minions get harder, Players get stronger, The commander is a Boss. Prepare yourself for battle. Customize your abilities, Buff your base stats, Play, Learn, and Adapt.


Work with your team, follow way-points, listen to the sound cues, build massive towers, defend expensive tech. Hide from enemy units, Build teleports or use your own. The mechanics are complex, the game-play is simple, the experience is your own.

Final Showdown

This phase of the game is where it all counts. You're not destroying a simple structure to win. You're destroying a Boss! Think you have enough power to win? Get out of base Commander! Let's get it on!

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