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About DiamondNaga

Hi, I'm DiamondNaga. I am very new to the YouTube scene and I will be creating videos for Black Ops 4 Emblem Tutorials.
I hope they are to your liking and I will do my very best to continuously release content and keep you all posted on my social media pages with regards to any and all future Emblems.
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With this title, know you have encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing. You help me believe in myself.
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Skype - We can chat with each other about our Emblems and ideas whenever you like as long as I am awake and available. 

Instagram - Access my private Instagram page where I will post images on what I'd like to attempt to make. 

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All of the above

Sneak Previews - You will be among the first to see pictures of the images I choose to work on as well as my work-in-progress pictures during creation. (Monthly benefit via Skype)

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