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About Diana Petcu

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The name’s Diana Petcu, and the purpose… bring joy into people’s lives with my talent. Living in Romania, surrounded by many gifted people, it wasn’t a struggle for me to follow this musical path. Yet among all of them, I believe my unique voice is the most suitable to brighten someone’s day. My authentic sensibility has a major impact on my musical style and it’s meant to send you shivers down your spine.

     While I began singing at 5 years old, now at 18 I begin to discover the real potential of my voice and the will to share it with everyone else. When I was in kindergarten, I used to sing at kids’ shows in public parks, and one day the presenter reached for my mother and told her : “Ma’am, I have found a new talent.” Ever since then, I’ve been travelling to many European countries, such as Montenegro, Ukraine, Italy, Latvia and FYR Macedonia, representing Romania at international contests, and also participating in hundreds of national competitions.

     My mother’s been my biggest support in my career so far, and she also suggested I open this YouTube channel for other people to enjoy my work as well. If you wish to be part of my supporting team, I’ve got plenty of rewards for you to choose from and enjoy while I am able to pursue my dream of being a stunning vocalist. I am also interested in painting and writing. If you want to get some of my art, take a look at the rewards section. 

     I am keeping my work alive by posting new covers every single Saturday. Every song is a new challenge for me, also a huge pleasure fulfilled in the same time. I get most of my inspiration from bands like Evanescence, Switchfoot, Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, and artists like Marilyn Monroe, Christina Perri and Charlie Puth. 

     Looking forward to having you on my “team”!

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Your support means the world to me. Thank you for everything! When I reach my goal, I will:
  • release my first original song & the music video for it.
  • release my book in English. My first 50 patrons will receive a FREE digital copy of my book once it is translated (+the rewards). For Patrons above 35$, I will send the signed book to their address. 
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