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About Dib2007

I'm just a simple geek/gamer trying to make it in this crazy world.
I've wanted to be a content creator since the first time I saw someone doing a 2 year live stream challenge and make an awesome community.
My content is random at it's finest definition, I will play almost any kind of game as long as it holds my attention and is fun to play/watch. 
**Description and rewards are WIP, will elaborate more as I get better with words and ideas**
$0 of $200 per month
This goal allows me to relax a bit and not worry so much about a lot of things. 

Since I'll be more relaxed, each month this Goal is reached I'll do an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) stream or video. If it's a stream I'll take the Vod and make sure it's also posted here for anyone who missed it to see.
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