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Hey there! I’m Lynn. Writing has been my thing ever since I first learned to string sentences together. A writer’s all I’ve ever wanted to be (well, that and a vet, but I dropped that dream the moment I finally realized veterinarians do more than just play with animals). I even graduated with a BA in Creative Writing. Then I joined the ‘real world.’

Flash forward five years, and here we are. I quit my cushy full-time job, went back to the bottom-rung, part-time position I’d started with, and told everyone I knew that now, finally, I was going to make my writing happen.

This story, the soon-to-be-webcomic, has been brewing in my brain for over two years. Now I can give it the time it deserves. And, with your help, I might even pay some bills with it.

While the comic’s still in pre-development, I’ll share my progress with all patrons, whether they pledge $0 or $10. Stuff like character sketches, early storyboards, maybe even snippets of the script. Once the comic launches, I’ll reserve these behind-the-scenes bonuses for patrons who pledge money—but the comic itself will always be free.

Thank you so much for your support, in whatever form you can give it. 

I hope you enjoy the comic!

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