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is creating knife and axe making videos
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About Diesineveryfilm customs

I make things
I create videos on Youtube.
Metalworking, Blacksmithing, knife making, axe making and Leatherworking but I also make whatever I'm interested in.

I've made stuff all my life. I started as a kid with my grandad in his workshop. im no expert I just try my hand at anything and I share my knowledge through detailed build videos on YouTube as well as share ideas and thoughts about knife making, tools, building stuff and making in general.
raw materials are very expensive and this isn't my job its a hobby. By becoming one of my Patron, you are helping me build awesome projects, increase my video's quality and provide you and my viewers inspirational projects and entertaining content. 

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this is what the channel costs me per month. I don't make any profit from my knives as it goes into making the channel run.
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