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I can add you on LoL (eune server) and have a talk with you :D
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We can play some games together and I can even help you with things like editing or recording if you have a youtube channel :)
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Damn.. 10 dollars? I'll make a skype group and invite anyone who donates 10 dollars or more. We can have great discussions and I will notify you of when and what video I will upload. Your opinions about my ideas will be very important and will determine my future decisions :)




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Hey guys! I finally decided to make a patreon page. Through patreon you can donate to me any amount of money you want monthly. Of course that doesn't mean that if you don't donate I'll be mad at you. If you don't have enough money , then don't even consider donating a single cent.

But why do I need your donations? Through your donations, you're helping me buy better equipment for my pc ( because it still sucks , even if it's new and better from my old laptop) , buy recording and editing software , cause everything I have right now is  illegally downloaded :// , and support my family.

Every donation is very appreciated! Thanks for supporting me <3 ;D

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Ok for a start that's something , but i know you guys can do more than this.
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