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A big THANK YOU for helping to support my channel! After Patreon and Credit Card fees, this donation is equal to 1,000 views worth of Adsense revenue! Feel free to turn off my ads completely guilt free with Ad-Blocking now and enjoy uninterrupted ASMR :) You'll also gain access to my Patron only feed!
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Wow you just bought me a Pokemon booster pack to open on camera! Your name or username will appear in the video credits and description of my video where I open it :) You'll also gain access to my Patron only feed!
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You've bought me a new Pokemon TCG tin to open! Want to see me open a specific one? Be sure to let me know :) Your name/username will be given a shoutout and link for help making this video happen! You'll also gain access to my Patron only feed!




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About Dina

Hey! I'm Dina and I have been creating Youtube videos for a while now. They range from Hair Coloring, ASMR, Vlogs to just general nerdiness! As some of my videos can be more expensive to create, such as the Pokemon Card openings, I thought I would create a way for my viewers to contribute a bit if they like or help produce content exactly to their specifications! 

Your monetary support will help me fund my channel and allow me to buy materials like new Pokemon cards, art supplies, hair gadgets, and maybe even a 3Dio Binaural microphone! I love making videos and I don't plan on stopping any time soon, but I will be able to make more highly requested videos like big card opening ASMR videos or quest to complete a certain set on camera with you. I only want to put this money back into the channel so I can make better videos for you guys :)

Donating grants you access to my Patron Only Feed, where I will be posting mini-updates, behind the scenes peeks, sketches, and voting for the next Pokemon Cards to open! 
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Woah if we make this goal I will be buying a Binaural Microphone and all the accessories needed to create some seriously calming ASMR videos :D Definitely a stretch goal but will help greatly improve my channel content!
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