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All ad block users should be here + all of you who like to support my channel with just a tiny little coin :). 
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This gets me a fire extinguisher (a beer I mean, of course).
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Some treats for my curious and helpful cat :)
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This helps me to buy some devices to examine in my videos and some new equipment and tools.




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About DiodeGoneWild

I've just started my Patreon for my YouTube channel DiodeGoneWild. Let's see what's gonna happen :). Thanks to all of my first patrons. Your supports means a lot to me. Patrons will get early videos and maybe other rewards I manage to invent :).
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At this point I can build something interesting (for example a Tesla coil). This also allows me to make teardowns of better quality devices (for more than just a dollar or two), so you can see more products that I actually recommend. This channel will no longer be just a show of useless rubbish dodgy products. You'll be able to see more examples of good designs rather than just bad designs.
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