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About Diomedis

Sportsmanlike Spirit~
24 Yrs Old, Live in a Place called Earth , you can call me Don.
Some Intro of my main game:-
WoW - World Of Warcraft " Diomedis-Kazzak "
LoL - League Of Legends " Rank 1 Euw "
I Started playing league of legend since Season 2, Main Acc is currently Dia1~ Smurfs plat4- Gold4 ~~ This Game was so simple when i first started more i played the more i got into the game, till it took me serious about it though its still fun , even if you had Trolls,AFK's u can still enjoy 4v5 you can compete and still win the game.. So that why i love this game there is lot of possibilities lot of strategies.And about Wow Started Playing at 2016 Emerald night mare Raid up to BFA ^^ Amaizing Game.
And i play more other games.. :D
$0 of $500 per month
Once i Reach 500$ Il Start Live Webcam Streaming " 24 hours of Games Online On Twitch.tv " Feel free to support my channel and Patrons,

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