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About Dirck de Lint

Dirck de Lint-- EXPLAIN YOURSELF!  TELL US WHAT YOU DO!  What to I do...?  I suppose "hide in my basement and make low straining noises" isn't what this profile is looking for, although that does describe a certain amount of the creative process as I understand it.  What I do, or at least the element of what I do that brings me here, is writing.  I've been writing for my own satisfaction for a long time, and like a lot of writers have been very embarrassed by this habit and hidden it away from polite society. However, I have recently reviewed this approach to writing and realized that it lacks a central element of the writing process.


Writing, like quantum particles and slime-dripping closet monsters, can hardly be said to exist without some external observer.  I have decided that it's time for my writing to exist.  For a couple of years now, I've been working not just at writing, but at writing that is presentable.  Beta-readers to whom I am not related have given me encouragement, so I've set up a place where the output of my effort can at last come under public scrutiny.

Now... the reason I'm here on Patreon is that I do something else that about 75% of North America's population pursues.  I struggle.  I'm the sole pay-cheque generator in the family, and while in 1975 the set-up of my household would work wonderfully, it's problematic in this new millennium.  As my wife is too asthmatic and my son too young to put them down a mine and help out (and the cats simply refuse to as much as get a paper route, the free-loaders), it would be delightful to see the art I'd like to make my full-time job bring a little extra money into our house along with the joy if brings to me and, hopefully, the unsettling shivers it brings to others.

UPDATE:  I've re-assessed my approach to the attempt to squeeze money out of writing (regarding which I go into more depth elsewhere), and what has developed is a stronger devotion to more traditional approaches.  I have thus pulled in my horns here; fewer promises of reward for patrons.  I'm still writing, I'm still apt to gush at any small expressions of support, but since one of the big perks I was offering was early access to new material and I'm now saving the first publication rights on most of that stuff, it seems unwise to shout about such things.  But I will still gush.  I guarantee that.
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With a regular income from the the place I'm presenting my writing, I can remove the small but vexing ads that are the default state of WordPress.
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