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This is if you want to help me out in some fashion or if you need to drop your pledge down for a bit. Either way, thank you a ton for even a buck, it helps.

I'll be able to shout you out as a supporter whenever I can <3
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This tier is for those of you who wanna support me with a chunk of change that Twitch won't take a big bite out of. 10 Bucks is a big monthly commitment for some folks so I understand if not everyone can.

But! If you can support at this tier I can hit you back with a bit of a bonus!
  • Priority Access to my streaming servers
  • A FREE gift sub to the user of your choice each month
  • Access subscriber chat in Discord 
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At this tier you'll be able to help me out with a variety of things each month such as new game purchases and eventually equipment upgrades. You'll get everything from the previous tiers as well as a TireDire hour to spend once a month when the timer is low and I'm eager to keep going!


  • Priority Access to my streaming servers
  • A FREE gift sub to the user of your choice each month
  • Access subscriber chat in Discord 
  • 1 hour of TireDire time you can spend




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Hey Folks!

Most of you will know me pretty well at this point but in case you haven't I'll try to spell out who I am and what I do.

Since 2012 I've been a full time streamer at Twitch.tv/DireDwarf. With the help of you awesome folks and the type of streams I've been trying to create I've been able to finally get that Twitch Partner checkmark! Over the years though we've also managed to create a really cool group of people who sometimes just want a chill, lurk friendly stream where they can relax, chat and have a good time. That's been my goal from the start pretty much and I'm so damn proud I've been able to pull it off with you and everyone elses help.

Without people supporting on extra platforms like Gamewisp and Patreon over the years I would have had to shut down or have drastic cutbacks in stream time. The money that you spend here, even a dollar, goes directly to that effort.

Every dollar that goes through here goes towards rent, utilities and equipment upgrades and purchases. Without the added bonus income besides the standard Twitch subscription I'd be in a hard place.

So thanks, thanks for even taking a look at this page and considering pledging. Your time and interest are what keep me going even if you can't subscribe through Patreon.

John Francis
$153 of $400 per month
This amount will help cover big expenses and upgrades as well as the occasional emergency situation. Its a big deal to me to have something like this fully funded and frankly I don't know of a proper thank you for it.

Maybe we can do some community days and whatnot but anything I do I will feel like it doesn't measure up completely to what this goals fulfillment will mean to me.

Thanks <3
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