is creating Carbon Dioxide (while he works on Paradox Mods)
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Wow. Such appreciation. Very effusive.  Great support.

Access to il Duce's Patron-only feed... what... not Mussolini's feed? Oh. Just this one.  Disappointing I know.




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About Dire

I make mods for Paradox games on the Steam Workshop, and while doing that I continue to breath. In the time I was breathing I made various highly popular mods including Immersive Cities for Hearts of Iron IV (later integrated by the Kaiserreich team into their mod) and Galactic Empire and Coruscant for Stellaris. Collectively I've published nearly 40 Paradox mods, big and small, which has given me quite a lot of experience in both visuals and working with their code, and in all that time I've produced quite a bit of carbon dioxide. I don't know how much, but its my bit to help promote climate change.

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