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Before I created material things, I created dreams and before I could lucid dream, I was a weaver of narratives. It is with a narrative that all of my works of art begin. It was when I was a boy that the interactions between the characters I created evolved into cultures. It was when the characters began rapidly multiplying that the cultures developed natural and supernatural laws. As I learned more about anthropology and terrestrial cultures, the habitats I had invented evolved into worlds and the surrounding atmospheres into bodies of consciousness in which they and the worlds they embraced were only transient cells.

To most, the obvious thing for me to do would be to write but I prefer to encrypt these narratives into paintings, sculptures, performances and fashion. I prefer to use mystery to give the viewers the power to create their own realities. When I lucid dream, I realize the worlds I have created in my waking by recreating them in the form of dreams. When I create a work of physical art, the same worlds are recreated in the form of dreamscapes in the waking dimension. When a viewer interacts with a work of my art, a shadow world is born to which the object I have created is a portal. Just as an image of the artifact lives on in the memory of the viewer after they walk away from it, a piece of their consciousness becomes and remains part of it’s meaning.
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