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Wow, Thank you so much!!
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New tiers.  Our upper tier patrons suggested that we all have the same rewards, so  OKAY!

We will be out with videos 4-5 times a month, and a live show (tenatively) on the last Saturday of each month.

Thanks for your support, we love you all!!

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Same as above.  Thank you, Patrons, For your support.  We do love and appreciate that you are on this journey with us.
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All the Stuff mentioned above,

Wow!!  Thank you for your support.  We really love and appreciate all that you are.




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About Dirtpatcheaven

We have so, so many exciting things we want to do, and we want to show you all of them!  However, the budget has always been limited, and even more so now, and so often things are set on the back-burner, and we don't get around to them again.
Here is where we ask for your help:
We appreciate your pledges! With these funds we can make better videos for our channel and broaden our fields of interest to include other topics including solar power, off-grid living, and passive solar design! These are only a few of the examples that we want to show you. 
Thank you for your help!
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With the change of our scenery, We are resetting our goals.  This goal will help keep us on the road and visiting others (maybe you) and their (your) homestead.  We are so excited to keep up with you and watch all the things You are doing, and want to continue.
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