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I've created a The Disfunctional Friends comic series back in march of 2007. (& yes i did misspell Dysfunctional on propose). The series is about a group of disfunctional talking animals living together dealing with the most horrifying thing know in existence...life. With Patreon, i could be able to get my web comic series out even more to at least make a living off my creation. 
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For supporting me for a dollar or more you'll get an early Disfunctional Friends comic days before anyone else see in the public. 
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For 2 dollars or more. I'll promote your Social Media account along with a follow. Plus all of the previous rewards.
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For Patrons only, Discover the lore of The Disfunctional Friends backstory. Plus previous rewards 
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For $10 dollars or more. I'll create art work for your social media account, along with previous rewards.
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Wacom Cintiq 13HD

with this i can replace my old wacom intuos model & have better quality look to my comics. 
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