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  • Thanks Homie!
This shows me your enjoying my content. I tells me that I am improving and gives me the drive to push forward! Always means a lot to me!
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  • Bro that's awesome!
You've stepped up a notch shown me your a true fan and support everything I do. To thank you for this you'll get a mention in the end credits of my videos! This really means a lot to me and helps drive my passion!
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  • Adblock forgiveness 
I get it, ads are really annoying. So I thank you for this generous figure and can definitely forgive you for using adblock! 

  • Access to my Discord fan page 
You'll gain access to a private discord page and be able to interact with me! Always had a burning question to ask? That will be your best chance!

  • All prior awards!
You'll get the same as prior awards and bonuses mentioned above, because you mean the world to me! 




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Who am I?

Greeting and Salutations Gamers!

Gaming is my passion its only in this past year I have brought my passion to YouTube! I'm an active content creator who's dream to be able to go to vidcon and interact with fans. Through Patreon you'll help fuel my passion to continue forward, improve the content and grow in confidence!

If you're not familiar with Patreon, the concept is that you support a creator financially for each piece of valuable content they create for you. In my case, it's triple AAA games and Indie games. But by no means is it forced upon you to donate anything. 

How will this benefit you?

Not a lot of YouTubes appreciate their fans, or at least... Never really interact with them on YouTube. A big YouTuber such as Jacksepticeye is who I admire. Taking time to appreciate fans and even attempts to respond to every tweet he gets!
I'd love to go a step further, I have plans for future hangouts interactions and collaborations! 

What will you do with my money?

You'll be the content provider and motivation to carry on. You'll help to create giveaways and future swag! My vision for YouTube is to make as many people happy as possible.  I want to be that guy that cheers you up when you hit that low. I want to show fans what my channel means from the start and I want you to be a part of the Diversity! Support the Divergence channel!
$0 of $500 per month
It's a big goal I know, but youtube is my passion. Fans are my passion! You help fuel my goals and drive me foward in improving my content and one day who knows! 
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