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Welcome to my page! I’ve included some links of my current projects so you can get a glimpse of what I’ve done so far and get an idea of what I’m working on! I’m currently bringing everything together on WordPress in an effort to restructure my online presence so that I can lay a solid foundation to build upon over time. 

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My ultimate goal in life is to be able to teach others everything that I know while being able to apply all of my acquired knowledge to my own life effortlessly, without worry about finances. Due to my life experiences and speed reading capability, I’ve studied endless topics. I feel I can be of supreme benefit to people of all ages in several aspects of their lives on a global scale. 

As a writer, rhyming poet, and artist, I pay close attention to details. I soak everything up like a sponge. My creativity far supersedes my artistic abilities. It allows me to think “outside of the box”. I explore possibilities and ideas that some might never have imagined. My focus is on holistic healing, alternative medicine, healthy food choices, animal rights, poverty, world peace, sustainable living options, writing/art creation and it’s therapeutic effects. These are just a few topics close to my heart that I would love to share more about with the world. I’m currently creating a Wordpress website to do just that. I am also going to be including so much more to it such as products I recommend to make our lives easier, money making tips, advice related to caring for children, animals, and elders, plus other relatable subjects that most people deal with every day so stay tuned! 
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