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My Name is Sandip Jain and I am an Indian Reiki Grand Master / Pranic Healer.

Reiki means Life Force Energy, a Positive Energy that keeps us healthy, live and free from any sort of negativity.

I learned Reiki as a hobby in 2001 and used to enjoy it with my import/export business. I was doing import-export business at that time and used to have a lot of foreign travel as well. I traveled to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Mexico, France.

After I learned Reiki I used to do meditation and practice Reiki on my near and dears as a hobby. approx After 6 years of regular practice, the results of my Reiki Healing were really good and was able to give a lot of relief and improvement in health of Critical / Chronic patients, I was enjoying this healing work, as it was bringing hope and smile on the faces of patients who had almost lost it.

 one day I took a big decision and quit all my business activities and came 100% in this healing work as I believe that anybody can do business, but only very few people are blessed to do this noble work.

From that day on, I started doing Individual /Distant Reiki healing with the money back guarantee. This was less financially efficient but gave me more satisfaction in my work, with thousands of satisfied client base.

In 2013 I married a French girl named as Cecile who is also a Reiki Master and I got relocated to Anglet France, also in 2014. I got blessed with a son, now named as Namann Jain.

Individual Healing has a limited scope like I can heal 10 -20 patients maximum a day by dealing them directly, and the suffering around the world is too much, so I developed few Healing videos and put it on Youtube for free. This was a big hit and within a year, more than 200,000 views with more than 1000 Positive testimonials have been received.

Now it has crossed 600,000 Plus Views and 2050 Plus Positive testimonials. 

Now I want to move one step ahead, and just concentrate to make more videos for different ailments and problems. This requires financial help to set up a studio with a staff for video editing purpose.
I am sure this will help thousands of people every day that they can just watch and listen to my Energy Healing Videos and get well without using any sort of medicine.
This is also very interesting as the patients can get healed at their own place and convenient time, just sit comfortably, start your youtube videos with simple instructions and feel the improvement instantly.

This needs your support and Patronage.

The day I will be in a comfortable state I will stop charging my patients for whom I do individual sessions as well.

I am sure I will achieve my Goal very soon with your kind Patronage.
Thank you very much

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Achieving this goal will make me free to work on my dream project which needs to Setup a professional studio with staff for development of  Innovative Healing and Meditative videos, by which any one in this world, can heal themselves at their own place and convenient time.
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