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Hello Divine ones, my name is Cody Breault. I have been into the loving exploration of my human abilities and my own consciousness for many years now. So far in this journey I have moved things with my mind (telekinesis), left my body in astral projection, I have had in depth conversations with people through thoughts and feelings alone (telempathy), I have altered physical matter with my focused intention (transmutation) enough to be visibly seen with the naked eye, I have energy healed people that are thousands of miles away as well as people that are in my presence and helped to relieve them of various traumas of both physical and psychological nature, I have had many telempathic downloads of consciousness which were accompanied by visions and greater understandings of myself and reality and I have a continuously synchronized experience of the world and the people in it that proves to me the unified nature of existence. I tell you the things I have accomplished to express to you how amazing and powerful you are as a human being. This platform will be how I share many guided meditations, energy healings, spiritual concepts and personal experiences that I have in life to give you a greater frame of reference for what potential you contain. Thank you so much for your presence on this Earth and for the support you give me.
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Donating a dollar a month to me would actually go a long way towards helping me feel more valued and helping me to get a car. Thank you so much, I love you.
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Donate a monthly 5 dollars to say thank you and support my well being. In reciprocation I will send energy healing of various kinds to you for at least a half an hour per week. That is two hours of energy healing services a month for 5 dollars. Thank you so much, I love you.
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Donate 10 dollars a month to help me live more abundantly. In reciprocation I will send you healing energies of various kinds for at least an hour per week. That is 4 hours of energy healing services for only 10 dollars. Thank you, I love you.
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I do not currently have transportation. Getting a vehicle would greatly impact me in multiple positive ways and owuld give me greater access to the world which would give me a greater ability to share my knowledge with the world.
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