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About Divine Order®

About Us

Divine Order®

Divine Order® has designed a set of innovative, compelling and extremely visionary new Energy Ascension Practices. Delilah Sesson, the Chief Executive Officer and company founder, has worked in the metaphysical, fashion and retail industries for over 20 years. Her expertise in the metaphysical and healing arts has led her to acquire a very high-end clientele that have supported her healing practices, ascension apparel and artistic creativity up until this very day.

Divine Order® - Ascension Fragrances

Divine Order® has developed an amazing new fragrance line that has literally changed the lives of many that wear them. With the finest of ingredients, from all around the world, these 100% Essential Oils exuberate any room that the wearer enters.

Divine Order® -  Ascension Products & Healing Modalities

DIVINE ORDER® Ascension Apparel and other peripheral fashion products such as candles, clothing accessories, crystals and healing modalities represent the ability of fashion, combined with healing to assist in transforming the energy, frequencies and vibrations around us, to promote positivity wherever they are worn. Not only are your thoughts and words extremely powerful, but the clothes and colors that you wear release vibrations into the Universe. DIVINE ORDER® Ascension Apparel transmits positive expressions of enlightenment through metaphysical artwork, mystic words, sacred geometric symbols and positive affirmations, bringing the wearer, as well as those around them, closer to collectively raising the consciousness of the world for the betterment of all. Wear them with the intention of strengthening your positive purpose, essential nature and your divine connection with the Universe. Embrace them as tools for transforming your life into the way it should be, in “DIVINE ORDER®”! 

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When we reach 1,000 patrons, we'll produce a 1 hr. documentary that will assist those that are interested in raising their consciousness to a level that transcends the negative frequencies that are saturating our present world.
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