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You have landed the new Patreon Page of Debra Southworth, aka, DivinelyDebra!  Welcome!

I Am a Conscious Conduit of Divine Energy, RMT, Mother Mary Energy Channel, Intuitive Shamanic Divine Energy Practitioner, Sacred Code Practitioner and Certified Spiritual Minister who has a true passion for Creating UNIQUE, Beautiful Guided Meditations that Inspire and Empower those who choose to follow them. 

It is not an usual for my clients to “journey” during these beautiful Meditations. Those who are on a deeply Spiritual path already, may have what I can only describe as, “magic mushroom” experiences while listening to my Meditations.

Know that the ✨Divine Energy✨ extended in these meditations will meet everyone perfectly, right where they are, and no two people will have the exact same experience.

It is very likely that more you listen and follow my Meditations, the deeper your experiences will become.  

I look forward to having you be a part of this beautiful new venture of mine. I am so happy to be here sharing my ✨Gifts✨ here!  ✨💛✨

”Allow the soft sound of Debra’s voice, along with the rhythmic beat of her Shaman’s Drum, Guide you into a deep Meditative Journey.  Additionally layered with Native American flute music.“

*It is recommended that you diffuse essential oil’s during my Meditations. “Sage” Assists in releasing energy is that no longer serves you. “Bergamot” Essential Oil has a beautiful ability to transmit grief into joy. I personally enjoy Young Living’s, “Magnify Your Purpose” Essential Oil. YL “Release” is another I use often.  Feel free to email me for  Essential Oil recommendations or to order. 

Also: These are meant to be reclining meditations. Find a very comfortable couch or bed to Lie on. Put a pillow under your legs and under your head. You may like a blanket, as well. It’s very important that you are comfortable.

Important: Place a glass of crystal clear water along side of you, and make sure you drink it before going about your day. It will help you to ground.  Realize the water will also be infused with
✨Divine Energy.✨ 

Get ready. This is going to be a beautiful journey!!!

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