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per Travel time week of october 3-9


I'm attending a networking event as part of my birthday party out of the US that is a week long. This is my right of passage traveling out of the country! This is my 30th birthday! This is my dream to be a DJ and making it a goal to have enough support. So grateful for having you to help me in my abundance and celebration! What else is possible?!?!?!
How this helps me is by allowing the money you share to go towards my traveling expenses. I'm committed to taking photos of my trip/birthday and posting them in sharing the fun. Crediting everyone who donates/ supports my efforts in making this happen. Please support my cause I'm new to fundraise for about $2000 for airfare and lodging plus registration! NEED to send in the money asap in the next few days and have to pack my luggage too so gods speed.
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