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Investing into DST isn't only investing into my dream, it's investing into your dream, its about aspiring to become the person who you were meant to be, and It's about reaching the destination you were meant to reach. DST is a local home based clothing line that was started in Indianapolis, Indiana and has grown to Bloomington, Indiana and is active and live on IU's campus. With this aspiring dream, to reach many people and to help motivate them to reach their grandest dreams and goals in life, DST needs your help by getting there so we can not only help aspire your everyday person but also help the homeless population as well too. Thank you for being a patron whatever is donated is greatly appreciated. 
(please watch the video above about DST homeless)
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With $50 per month we'll be able to come out with accessories such as wristbands, laptop stickers and all other accessories.
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