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Ok so im Derrick. Today I learned a valuable life lesson. I realized that I have failed at completing anything I start. I have lived my life bored because I can pick up the basics to anything and I mean anything and do it with out effort good enough to convince myself and others that I'm actually good at what I'm doing and appear smart. Fact. In reality I just mimic like a parot what I've seen and or heard. I don't have a clue wtf I'm doing. Like reading music notes or holding a beat and feeling the beat and understanding the purpose and process to it.
I am looking for someone that has learned something step by step and fully dedicated themselves to something to help me and see that I don't know how to follow through on anything and I always change my plan last second. I need a driver. I can offer amazing natural talent. That if pushed,  inspired, understood and trained correct could form an amazing artist across the board that would set new records, higher standards and inspire new ideas and ways for others to learn also. I'm not looking for just money I'm looking for the satisfaction of being the best me at what I do and watching others become better than me because I was also able to give the gift I was given by you.
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