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Hi Lovelies, welcome to my Patreon page, my name is Emme. I am a Makeup Artist/Image Consultant making creative beauty and fashion inspired DIY videos, as well as health tips, skincare and lifestyle videos on youtube. I'm so grateful to be creating videos that people actually find useful and entertaining. So far, 17,000+ people have subscribed to my channel and watched my videos that I made using mainly a Logitech webcam, Movie Maker for editing, and my home lamps for lighting. It's absolutely humbling and inspiring to be supported in doing what I love. I have many, many more ideas to create even more amazing videos that I'm confident you will enjoy. I'm investing everything I can into creating quality content to improve the experience of the people who support me and encourage me to be the creative soul I am. My plan is to use the platform I have to make my dreams, and the dreams of other like minded people, come true. This means getting better equipment and services, and hiring a team to carry out my visions so I can truly give of myself in the way I believe I was intended. I was born to create--and create I will. With your help my creations can only be bigger and better. 

Thank you so much for showing your support by visiting my page. It means a lot to me that you made it here. I sure hope you decide to be my patron; I promise, it will be worth it! With a better camera, editing software, lighting and more resources to create, I know my videos will be exponentially better and definitely more inspiring.   :-)
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With this amount I can devote myself to being a full-time content creator, blogger and artist, and share my talents with world. I can focus on the creative process that I enjoy most of all--where all the magic happens. I can see my dream of helping and inspiring people through my creativity become a reality. I give thanks for the essential part you're playing in my journey. Peace and Blessings.
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