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  1. Uh lets see.. I am an artist. WOW I know right! Its pretty amazing I know, I know. I am Cool Guy 2019 after all. I'm so positive that I am the coolest guy of 2019 that I even have it as my graduation quote and I got that shite pasted on a shirt with my adorable face on it.
  2. I really enjoy exercising. Used to be thin as a stick; even had the nickname Ethiopian in school (totally not racist or rude lol). I was so skinny in the past that I could easily slip through 3 inches of space left by a truck and the garage wall. My bones still stick out a lot, but i'm trying hard everyday to get the physique that I desire. Surprisingly i'm quite muscular and stwong for my size though for 120 lbs. My dream physique is to be at least 135 lbs by the end of 2019 so, hopes for that! 
  3. Dude I love Call of Duty! In fact if I ever get big and buy the latest game when I get a new computer I might even start a clan just for patreons. My favorite COD games would have to be Advanced Warfare, B-Ops 3, and best one World War 2. You probably don't want to challenge me in AW or WW2 to be honest though. I am unnaturally good at those two especially AW. I never bothered to play ranked though due to the fact I never really had a friends group to play with nor a mic.
  4. I support everyone in their struggles and endeavors! If your bi then be bi, if your trans then enjoy yourself, you like furniture a lil too much that's fine! (I just might call sick whenever you invite me over lol). Why tf should I care what you decide to be in life. Unless it affects me i'm not gonna give two shites. Racism, Sexism, Overall Harrassment are real issues that should be looked at.
  5. Don't be afraid to dm me! Overall chances are i'm going to reply or at the very least look at what you sent me. If the only reason you wanted to talk to me though was simply to just be rude and offer critique their just maaaay be a chance that either i'll ignore you or block you. If you wish to critique something of mine as well ASK FIRST! I swear many people these days were never raised to learn what true politeness is. Heres an example,"Would you be considerate to hear about some critique I have on one of your pieces sir?" WOAH that was polite and kind to hear. I would gladly hear you out if you send me something as simple as that first! If you decide to be rude though and start off with a good o'l,"I don't really like.... and I think this would be better if you... yea, and this piece seems off right... furthermore if you tried..." HELL NAH! I will never hear you out if you go on and try to belittle my work even if you did not have the intent to do so.

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