is creating Totally SFW stuff and not like porn or anything.
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About DoctorCursed

Who am I?
Hoy, I'm DoctorCursed, a R34 artist that got bored of not being awesome.  So I channeled my love, my anger and all of my sorrow into creating flash games.  Because flash is dying, I consider myself "The Last R34 Flash Wizard of the Era"  Frankly, I'm not really awesome yet, but I can be awesome someday, and I believe you can be awesome too.  Let's become the Golden Boy!  I want you to go out there, right now, and start creating something!  It can be anything!

Think of this Patreon as a "tip jar."  I plan on having all my works free and open to the public.  However, Patrons will have the privilege of viewing my Discord's WIP channel located on the very bottom.  If I'm working on anything new, I'll post WIP periodically in there.

My Current Project
Creating the perfect clone of Zone-tan.  I'll love to work on a flash game featuring Shantae...  This will be considerably bigger than my previous two games.  I wonder how it'll play out.

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I'll draw a silly gag comic once a month detailing the adventures of my OC's.  They'll be mostly non-pornographic, but those rascals have character and are zany...
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