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If you're giving me your spare change, I'm overwhelmingly greatful. Thanks! In return, I'll post you some cool, cool arts! :D
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About Sean Lewis

Hi guys! My name is Sean, and I'm an illustrator and animator from Christchurch, New Zealand. By day, I work for a media company on a local magazine style TV show/YouTube channel, and by night/weekend I work on comics and other illustration projects. I'm so glad you've made your way to my Patreon page, and I'm really hoping that you'll be as excited about seeing my work as I am to make it. Every little bit helps me focus even more on producing new art projects and new comics and stories. Thank you so much for stopping by!
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Fantastic! I can buy some more art supplies! At this level, I'll start making a desktop/mobile wallpaper image every month!
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