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You are really an amazing person.  at $5 a month, you are helping me to keep my shipping costs down. 

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About Doctor Frunkey

Welcome to my Patreon page! 

I am Frank--a guy who loves pocket knives and enjoys making some of the very best YouTube and Instagram content for the knife community.  As a busy neurosurgery resident physician, I have reached my limit to sustain my channel with the meager ad revenue I have generated (only $441 in the first 2 years and 350 videos).  I appreciate ANY amount you can contribute!  Thank you for visiting and take care!


This Patreon will be used exclusively to support the Doctor Frunkey YouTube and Instagram feeds.  It costs me hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year to buy, sell, ship, and coordinate these knives and create content.  I will use this money to help with operational costs and to buy knives.

The Doctor Frunkey Patreon money will be collected into a single PayPal account and I will be fully transparent with the funds.  I will demonstrate the account balance if asked, and discuss purchases with Patrons.  All patrons are welcome to make suggestions for knife purchases.

Knives purchased with Patreon money WILL BE GIVEN BACK to my patrons in Patreon-only giveaways! 


Will you use this money to buy custom knives?

Yes and No.  I WILL NOT use this money to buy knives for my personal collection.  You are not funding my hobby, you are funding a video overview/review channel.  I WILL buy knives that the funding will allow, and I will hopefully include a few custom pieces (that will end up being given away here too!).

What are the "Honest Knife Reviews" and why weren't you honest before?

The concept of "Honest Knife Reviews" is a satirical take on the knife review.  These will be short clips made for patrons only.  The name is a play on the YouTube series "Honest Movie Trailers."  The videos will be brutally honest, offensive, inappropriate, and unsuitable for my main YouTube channel.  These WILL NOT detract from my regular programming, and WILL NOT be regularly scheduled.  All my normal reviews are 100% honest and I am not paid to review any products.  If a product is given to me for free, I will mention this in a review. 

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