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I will give you a personalized brofist on stream, Yea!
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Double the pain, double the pleasure, receive a double fist brofist on stream, Oh yeaaaa!
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Your own custom Channel message when you arrive to the stream and of course, a brofist! You will also get Vip Silver status which will allow you to earn channel currency 1.6 times faster than regular viewers and instant access to on screen animated emotes that you can trigger on the stream.




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Full time gaming entertainment. Also I would like to mention that the rewards are optional so if you are not interested in them just message me on twitch. Im also currently looking for Milestone goals ideas. So that if there is enough support we can do stuff like paid moderators, giveaways and any other great ideas. All rewards will be received at the end of each month once payments clear. Keep in mind It may take a couple days to make the animations and sound effects.

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