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Thank you for your support of my creations & channel. You will receive access to members first look and discussions on upcoming creations.
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Thank you for your support of my creations & channel. You will receive access to members first look and discussions on upcoming creations.




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My name is Daniel, but most commonly know and referred to as DogManDan. I'm the founder of the Night Owls Gaming Community (NOG for short), and a growing video content creator all in my free time. I am happily married for over 17 years now to my wife and we have with 3 wonderful children in our lives.

Admittedly my wife does not really understand this crazy gaming, web, content creation passion that I have, however she does fully support my dreams. As for my children well they have the benefit of being able to enjoy lots of video games :)

So why Patreon then?
I don't want to stop making the work that I do, but I'm sick of the systems that I currently need to support the work that I do. If you think that my work is smart, funny, honest, informative or helpful, entertaining and you'd like to see it continue in the future - you should donate to my Patreon.

There are several goal levels I am trying to achieve, the big dream of around $4,000 a month could someday be a reality and afford the opportunity to completely work on content creation, go to trade show, conferences, etc. and meeting people within the industry as well as having time to meet with you my supporters from time to time. In the short term however finding the support to make even $200 a month is enough to allow for growing, purchasing new items & equipment and continually create better and better content.

When I started creating content on YouTube I didn't even know a partnership system even existed and quite frankly I did not care at all. I started as a way to help grow my gaming community and to show others the fun we were having. For that effort and time it has always been successful. I will always do it because I enjoy doing it not because I can make a ton of money on it.

Fast forward for 2013 when I was offered a partnership opportunity. I was like okay I'll take it a chance to earn some money for the hard work I do and that is always good right? Well this is two-sided, yes there are benefits and yes there are negatives. Its all twisted I could now make money but would need to step up my game, so to speak, in order to have others really enjoy my content creation.

The positives: I have met a lot of people, I have the opportunity to really interact socially and help/answer questions and comments that come from my creations, the knowledge I learn is something I have gladly & openly passed onto others looking for ways to improve as well. I am happy to work with several game developers, PR relations and so on as I continue to grow over the years.

Some of the negatives: You immediately are at the mercy of someone else, the boss network if you will. Millions of views on your creations will earn you some money, but 10,000 views aren't worth anything at all. You are forced into certain cliches - needing to focus on big games, targeting your audience, utilizing formulas to try and optimize you videos so specific that it becomes very time consuming and can suck the joy right out of the content you just created. All of this time is spent working hard to give a large portion of your money away to others who ultimately are not doing anything to actually help you grow or achieve your goals as they would have you believe.

With the constant changes to YouTube, Twitch, etc. getting Random copyright ID claims & copyright trolls can be terrible for many people and trying to understand all the rules set forth is no less than cumbersome. There is no real system to combat this for small channels and on any given day you could wake up to find your channel/hard work completely deleted with no recourse.

I want to make videos that are great. It might be a forty-minute critique, or a 1 minute compilation of fails a short tutorial or even a straight walkthrough of a game or some specific quest. YouTube's monetization system doesn't support this anymore, but together we can change the way the system works.

If the videos I create are funded by the you, my patreons, then the requirement for substantial traffic is gone. There is no need for advertising, or conforming to the masses. $1, $3 or $5 a month support for the content you love, minus all of the bull you hate.

In return for supporting me you will receive access to projects I am working on, new ideas I have that I can ask for feedback on improving before it goes live to everyone, Q&A sessions, and much more exclusive for you.

Again the current system of YouTube only really supports none of this anymore unless you can manage to those who conform and work to appeal to the masses. I want the opportunity to express myself freely. I will continue to grow and create better quality content with your help.

Playing the numbers game is not fun and we should not have to keep playing it by their rules. Let's show the difference we can make together.

Thank you for your time, generosity, and full support.

Kind Regards,
$0 of $200 per month
At around this much I can afford to maintain and upgrade equipment, software, live streaming tools in order to deliver better and better content creation productions each month. 
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